Benefits of Finding Tax Court Documents on Taxnet Pro

This video explains why tax practitioners should review court documents when researching a matter. It also shows how motions, pleadings and facta can be found on Taxnet Pro’s Court Documents.

Here’s what you will learn watching the video:

First, you will discover that you need access to all the pleadings, motions and facta related to your case to fully understand the strength of your client’s tax position. These court documents will allow you to look beyond the judicial decisions and for each case consider the judge’s experience and perspective, the opposing counsel’s strategies and identify all court tested tax arguments that support your client’s position.

Next, you’ll learn the challenges of accessing court documents directly from the courthouses.

Then you will see how in one search you can get more comprehensive search results. This is now possible because with the Court Documents we have aggregated, curated and integrated a growing collection of court documents selected by experts from leading law reports from the Tax Court of Canada, Federal Court, and Supreme Court within Taxnet Pro. This collection of documents is organized, classified and linked to cases, legislation, citation references and case histories, along with extensive linking and cross references, which allows for easy access to related content resulting in more comprehensive search results.

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