DAC6 Mexico MDR 30-Day Filing

Corporate tax departments are struggling to keep up in today’s ever-changing regulatory environment. What’s not changing is the fact that the next new regulation or evolution of an existing challenge is never too far around the corner. Understanding and preparing for DAC6 rules now is essential for tax departments to try to avoid reporting chaos in 2021. More time has been given to prepare your first reports for most EU countries under DAC6, but Mexico has followed suit and will implement DAC6 rules from January 2021. Attend this webinar to find out what this means for your organization, and why it’s essential to implement a robust workflow to avoid substantial penalties.

• Why tax departments outside of the EU or Mexico need to take action
• How to prepare now to avoid reporting chaos in 2021
• How to tackle coordination for who needs to do what (taxpayers vs advisors)
• What a good solution could look like
• Practical steps for how to set up your operations and file
• Which countries may follow

Find out more: https://tax.thomsonreuters.com/en/onesource/dac6-reporter